Egg Cracking Debate

There are many schools of thought about the best way to crack an egg, according to Slate magazine.

Many French chefs prefer to do this with one hand to save time since many traditional French dishes require a lot of eggs. Others insist on cracking the egg on the mixing bowl and pulling the halves apart with both hands, while some like to use the countertop. Some chefs even use a dull knife’s edge to tap the egg first.

Whether you are making a vintage cocktail with egg whites or preparing a simple omelet, you must first know the basic skills you’ve learned in online culinary school. However, even with everything you’ve picked up at the culinary academy, the art of cracking eggs is actually rooted in physics.

To avoid an eggy mess – or even worse, eggshells in your drink or dish – you must apply just enough force to the center of the egg’s outer shell, right along the “equator.” This will keep the egg cracked without shattering it. Because of an egg’s geometry, breaking the egg in the middle of the arc will keep you from wasting eggs and leaving a mess.

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