Four Tips For Perfect Deviled Eggs

When you’re enrolled in culinary school programs, there’s no better way to put your skills to work than to cook for family and friends. Deviled eggs are an old-fashioned favorite served as appetizers at dinner parties, and following these tips along with your culinary academy training will make you seem like a pro:

Center the yolk
To avoid lopsided-looking eggs when they are cut in half, try storing them on their sides overnight before cooking. Turn the whole carton over with the long horizontal side downward, which will help reposition the yolks in their raw state and make for prettier deviled eggs when they are prepared.

Avoid farm-fresh eggs
According to EatingWell Magazine, eggs straight from the farm will be harder to peel, and you may lose a lot of the whites during the process. For uniform deviled eggs, those you purchase from the grocery store will be just fine.

Peel the right way
After the eggs are cooked, run them under cold water so they don’t burn your hands. Crack each shell in multiple places, then place the egg back into the cold water to finish cooling. They will be easier to peel this way.

Use low-fat mayonnaise
Deviled eggs can be very rich, and if you use low-fat mayonnaise, you’ll be able to achieve the same smooth texture without sacrificing health and flavor.

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  1. How about recipes for deviled eggs? I’ve tried different ways, but I’m not satisfied with the results. Just plain mayo, salt, and paprika just don’t do it for me.