How To Boil Eggs

We know it’s not rocket science. I mean, it’s a boiled egg. There aren’t many ways you can really screw it up. But there are definitely ways where if you take these steps and precautions you can make sure the soft-boiled egg is soft, your hardboiled egg is hard, the yolk doesn’t turn green, the shell doesn’t crack and ways to ensure it peels easier than mud on a truck at the car wash. It all comes down to water temperature and length of time, but certain environmental factors like altitude and climate play a bigger part in the process as you might think.

In this simple yet informative cooking lesson, we teach you how to cook the perfect boiled egg. Watch as one of our chefs show you every possible step in the informative video, ensuring you get it right every time.

Boiled Eggs
Eggs as needed
Water as needed
Salt as needed

1. Place eggs in boiling water and allow 8 minutes for medium size and 10 for large size ones from the time the water starts to boil again.
2. Cool in cold water and shell, being careful not to break the eggs.


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