How To Make Eggs Over Easy

Few things say breakfast like some good old fashioned eggs over easy. Their sunny nature that sits so perfectly on a plate next to some hash browns and bacon make for the perfect start to any morning. But let’s not stop at morning. Throw them on top of some creamy risotto, a burger or even just a plain old piece of toast. Eggs over easy can make an amazing addition to any sort of meal or dish. But few things are worse than when you aim for over easy and you get way over done. What was supposed to be a thick, runny yolk ends up being dry and underwhelming. Once you know the right tricks, however, those overcooked eggs don’t stand a chance. What you’re left with is the over-easy eggs that you’ve always wanted to cook without the chance of getting them even close to being overdone.

In this video tutorial, you learn to cook the most perfect eggs over-easy you ever have. Watch the video and no longer take a chance on make them over-done.

Eggs Over Easy
Clarified butter
Fresh eggs

  1. Break each egg into a dish by itself.
  2. Add clarified butter to pan.
  3. When fat begins to sizzle, add the eggs.
  4. Cook eggs until the right degree of firmness.
  5. Flip the eggs.
  6. Once the eggs are done, flip the eggs over again and slide them onto a serving plate.

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