Dish Spotlight: French Toast

On a lazy Sunday morning, it’s profoundly satisfying to slowly eat a big breakfast with a cup of coffee. Sometimes, a little decadence is in order. French toast, or pain perdu, is a delightful way to start off your day.

The dish dates back to Medieval times, but recipes using the bread, egg and milk combination have been called Spanish toast and German toast as well. Pain perdu, meaning “lost bread,” refers to the ability of the recipe to revive day-old bread and turn it in to a delicious dish, rather than let it go to waste.

French toast can be made with all different types of bread. You can use thick slices of challah, wheat, brioche or banana bread, depending on your taste preference and just how hungry you are when you wake up. Banana bread and other dense breads can be very heavy – but extremely delicious. Most recipes call for day-old bread, so if your local bakery has good sales on day-old bread, stop by in the morning, or the night before, to get your ingredients at a low price.

French toast is made by dipping bread in an egg and milk mixture, then frying it in a skillet. The mixture soaks through the bread, filling the crevices of the bread with a fluffy egg texture. The outsides of the bread are slightly crisped for contrasting textures that make the dish so decadent. Some recipes call for adding spices like cinnamon to the egg mixture and the topping choices have no limit.

The variations of French toast are endless. It can be prepared sweet, it can be made savory and it can even be stuffed with a variety of ingredients like blueberry ricotta or peanut butter and banana. While there is no right or wrong way to enjoy your French toast, some of the most popular toppings include syrup, whipped cream, fresh fruits, bacon or even s simple maple butter. However you prepare your French toast,  take the time to enjoy every last bite before you start your day.

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