Buying The Best Mixer

If you’re taking baking courses online, you are eventually going to need a mixer to make the most out of your time in the kitchen. Sure, you can mix batters and dishes by hand, but a mixer is a great investment that can save your muscles from a beating and take up less time.

According to Consumer Reports, hand and stand mixers can do most jobs you will need to perform for your online cooking courses. Hand mixers typically cost a lot less, but if you’re specifically looking to become a pastry chef, you might want to invest in a stand mixer. Mixing by hand sometimes can’t stand up to certain thick doughs, and because you will need to focus on measuring ingredients and rolling, a stand mixer can keep your hands free.

If you do purchase hand mixer, it’s well worth it to shell out the extra dough for one that comes with plenty of attachments. The last thing you want is to gather all the ingredients you need for a recipe and then realize you don’t have the tools to make it! For stand mixers, a dough hook and whisk attachment are fantastic accoutrements that can save you a lot of headaches in the kitchen.


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  1. good advise. one with stainless steel parts mostly will last longer and look great for long. very informative article.