Greek Yogurt To Become Even More Mainstream In 2013

Chobani – the undisputed No. 1 brand for Greek yogurt in the United States, has enjoyed stunning growth over the past year due to the demand for more simple and pure yogurt brands, according to The New York Times.

Even frozen yogurt chains like Pinkberry are catching on to the trend by selling Greek versions of fro-yo, according to The Wall Street Journal, leading many industry professionals to believe that this food craze is here to stay in 2013. If you are taking online chef courses, or simply want to spice your recipes up while you learn to cook online, you should get informed about this popular, cultural – not to mention healthy – dairy product.

Greek yogurt is full of probiotics, which are thought to increase healthy bacteria in the gut. This leads to better digestion, less fat and more nutrients than standard versions of yogurt. Due to a demand for healthy cooking and the rise of gluten-free foods, this creamy, rich dairy product has become very popular in grocery stores and restaurants alike.

Next time you find a recipe calling for yogurt, why not try the Greek version and see if it adds that extra something to your dish? Greek yogurt can also be used as a healthy alternative to sour cream. Who knows? You might find a new culinary staple in your kitchen.


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