Ramen Goes High-End

If you’re a student in online chef courses, chances are you’ve had at least one encounter with late-night ramen while studying. Inexpensive, comforting and spicy, this prepackaged noodle mix has been a staple in many kitchen counters for years.

However, ramen has evolved from a simple dish to one of the biggest burgeoning food trends in the country. According to Food and Wine magazine, ramen has finally grown up, and many chefs are beginning to get creative with this traditional Japanese dish. For example, Hinomaru in New York City is serving ramen with uni and parmesan cream. Tatsu-Ya in Austin offers flavor “bombs” with their own chil​i and lime powders.

If you’re thinking some of these techniques may be a little too advanced for your online chef programs, try some of the simple tips from Serious Eats to kick your ramen up a notch. Easy ingredients that go a long way in a ramen dish include harrisa, lime juice and miso paste. Got a bag of frozen veggies in the fridge? These freezer staples are perfect for ramen. If you want a little bit of protein, hard-boiled eggs and simple simmered meats – including chicken and beef – work well too.

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