Tool Spotlight: Microwave Oven

After World War II, American culture started to shift. The microwave oven was a welcomed appliance that brought extra convenience into the America household. The invention of the microwave oven in the 1950s led to a wave of convenience foods that offered short preparation time, freeing up minutes and hours that had once been spent in the kitchen. The microwave oven has come a long way in the years since its invention. With countless models and manufacturers, the popular kitchen appliance has grown past being just a tool to warm foods.

Today microwaves are as ubiquitous in busy American kitchens as refrigerators. As a quick cooking tool, Americans use microwaves to not only reheat leftovers and quickly thaw frozen items, but to thoroughly cook the wide line of microwavable meals that fit their busy lifestyles. During long days on the go, many people simply don’t have time to prepare an entire meal and that is when a microwave comes in handy. You can simply zap an item for a few minutes and have a meal ready to eat. Convection ovens also offer the convenience of a microwave while acting as an oven, achieving the toasting and browning which older generations of microwaves could not. If you want to hand over some extra cash, there are new models that have multiple capabilities.

There are numerous options in the microwave market now. With competitors vying for consumer loyalty, they offer models that are even more high-tech and stylish than ever. Countertop models offer portability while over-the-range models and built-in styles give you more counter space. All models offer options with sensors that automate a number of cooking tasks that are more advanced than the popcorn and baked potato options.

Thanks to the competitive market, microwaves can be purchased for a very low price. If you plan to use a microwave mainly for reheating purposes, you can buy a no-frills countertop model for less than $100. The more tech features and cooking modes you look for, the higher the price. Some above-range models with multiple capabilities can cost more than $1,000. Whatever price you are looking to spend, a microwave is a handy tool to have in your kitchen. Whether you need to quickly warm leftovers or you plan on using it as a secondary oven, you will be happy you invested in a microwave when you find yourself short on time.

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