World Spices: Make Your Own Dry Spices

Making your spice blends is a great way to create one-of-a-kind flavors and learn more about developing tastes of a dish. As you complete your online short courses, you will become a master of flavors and know what spices complement what foods and which herbs will take a dish to the next level.

Store-bought spice blends are great for a quick use, but every chef knows that those pre-made blends can easily ruin a dish. Many contain a high sodium content, and one dash too much can tip a dish over into the overly salty realm. Because of the salt, you may not be able to achieve the right flavor balance with a pre-made blend. If you want a little bit more of a kick to your taco seasoning, you can’t get extra chili powder without the salt, cumin and onion coming along for the ride. If you make your own spice blends, you can create the balance that you prefer or add other elements for specific dishes.

Homemade spice blends also make a great gift. Bottling your own blend in a customized jar is an extremely thoughtful gift and you won’t even have to spill your secret recipe to anyone. All your friends and family will look forward to the holiday season just to get their yearly stock of your own spices. You can purchase small jars with shaker tops or use mason jars to store mixes in bulk. As you find blends you really enjoy, you will be able to make your own collection of designer spices.

Making your own dry herbs and spices isn’t just for fun. Homemade spice blends are far healthier and easier on your budget, too. Homemade seasonings won’t contain unnecessary sugars, modified corn starch, MSG or silicon dioxide – just to name a few of the less welcome ingredients found in store-bought blends. You can easily dehydrate herbs from your garden to include into blends or save for use well after the season has passed. You can hang fresh herbs from their stems in a cool dry place to dry or you can expedite the process by drying herbs in a dehydrator or by using low heat in your oven. Whether you choose to incorporate your dried herbs into spice blends or bottle them on their own, your guests will notice the difference with the clear flavors and fresh taste.

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