4 Creative Ways to Grill and Serve Hot Dogs

Hot dogs have long been a favorite food to throw on the grill during summer. However, you don’t have to serve them up to your guests in a boring bun with ketchup and mustard. Re-think the way you cook and serve hot dogs by keeping these creative ideas in mind:

Try the spiral method
By spiral cutting your hot dogs, they will cook more evenly and end up with a better flavor. Simply place a thin skewer lengthwise down your hot dog, and use a knife to cut the hot dog diagonally while slowly turning the skewer.

Use unconventional toppings
Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to topping off your hot dog. Consider tasty ingredients such as guacamole, bacon, pico de gallo, chili or hummus. Enroll in culinary courses online to discover more creative ways to dress up your hot dog.

Offer a variety of buns
Instead of only having one type of bun for your dinner guests to choose from, offer a variety such as whole wheat, Hawaiian or split top. Whatever type of bun you serve, however, make sure to dress them up with a coating of butter and place them on the grill to give each bun a delicious, toasty texture.

Get inspired by regions
Each area of the United States has a different idea of a “good” hot dog. For instance, you can serve up a Southern hot dog, which is topped with mayonnaise-based slaw. On the East Coast, however, hot dogs are served with meat sauce, chopped onion, celery salt and mustard.


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