Innovative Ways To Use Avocado

If you are noticing more avocados in the grocery store lately, there’s a reason why. Summer is prime time for this soft green vegetable, and the uses for it are surprisingly versatile.

Most chefs wanting to learn to cook may think that guacamole is the only way to prepare avocados. However, the soft texture and neutral flavor of avocado actually makes it a great ingredient for a wide variety of appetizers and main courses.

Here are a few ideas for avocado to get your creative juices flowing:

Avocado frosting
This may sound a little strange, but many vegan baking recipes are starting to call for avocados for frosting recipes. Yes, your frosting might turn out bright green, but the creaminess of the avocado meat actually lends perfectly to a frosting recipe and as an added bonus, it’s super easy to spread.

Blend it into a morning smoothie
Avocado pairs wonderfully with fresh fruits and vegetables – so don’t hesitate to toss some slices of it into your morning drink. Avocados are also naturally full of healthy fats and protein, so this is actually a perfect start to to your balanced diet for the day.

Use it as a pizza topping
Sick of the same old mushrooms and olives on your pizza pie? Serve up some slices on a freshly baked homemade pizza (New York-style pizza works best) and watch the pizza stone end up empty. Avocados and tomatoes are actually perfect with one another, so it should come as no shock that pizza sauce and avocados are a good match.

Fill it up
If you’ve ever opened up an avocado before, you will notice that it makes for a perfect, all-natural serving dish. You can place almost anything in an avocado shell, but a few popular options are potato salad, cole slaw or crab meat.

Top your burger
Simple slices of cheese and pickle just aren’t cutting it these days. America’s favorite sandwich is getting more advanced and creative with condiments, and that includes the avocado. As a great complement to pork, fresh avocados and spicy guacamole are fantastic ways to top a bacon cheeseburger.

Sauces and dressings
Need to thicken up a pasta sauce or dressing? Toss some avocado meat into your food processor and watch your dishes liven up. Not only do avocados add tons of flavor, they add a healthy kick to some of your signature recipes.

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