How To Decorate Cupcakes

There is no limitation on creativity when it comes to decorating cupcakes. These sweet little cakes are a blank canvas for the creative baker who wants to showcase some artistic skill or just wants to keep with the theme of a get-together. If you’re simply trying to make your cupcakes look as good as they will taste, a simple decoration will do, and the whole family can get involved in the process. You may plan on only using frosting as your weapon of choice, or you may want to get creative with some sprinkles, fondant, fresh fruit or sugary confections. If you are aiming for a simple decoration, frost your cupcakes using a pastry bag to get a uniform coating, and you can even use different tips to add a different texture. A beautiful icing job hardly needs to be embellished, but if you are looking for a little more personality, you can create fun faces or shapes with icing and candies. In this video, Chef Susie gives an online cooking lesson on how to decorate cupcakes with fun and beautiful designs. For more great cooking demonstration videos, subscribe to the LearnToCookOnline YouTube channel.

Decorating Cupcakes:

1. Make the Butter Cream
2. Make the cupcakes
3. Pipe or spread the icing on the cupcake and decorate with raspberries and a fresh mint leaf or a green butter cream piped leaf
4. Color the icing red and put a smooth mound on the cupcake and invert and roll in red sanding sugar. Cut a tootsie roll for the stem and a candy spearmint leaf
5. Color the icing green and ice the cupcake using a leaf tip or by spreading the icing on top and make a flower shape by using Jordan almonds with the point facing out and fill the center with yellow icing
6. Pipe white icing on the cupcake and sprinkle with any sprinkle
7. Color the icing green and add mint extract and place an Andies mint candy in the center and sprinkle with mini chocolate chips or chocolate sprinkles

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