Dish Spotlight: Apple Pie

What’s more American than baseball and apple pie on the Fourth of July? The time-honored dish has become an American icon that evokes the simplicity and warmth that embodies our culture. Just like the country itself, apple pie traces its origins to Great Britain, and the dish gained its independence along with the states. This mouthwatering dessert is just as enjoyable to make as it is to eat.

The foundation of any apple pie is a rich, buttery crust that can be made flakey or dense, depending on the baker’s preference. While many crusts can be bought pre-made, it is important to make a crust from scratch if you want the real thing. The crust can be made from a simple dough of butter, flour, salt and sugar. Another aspect of the crust that varies amongst pies is the upper crust; it can be a home-style lattice type, a solid covering or an open-face.

The fillings available for apple pie are as diverse as America itself. You can use whatever variety of apple you prefer, but popular variations are Granny Smith or Honeycrisp. Don’t be afraid to blend apple varieties within the pie, either. It is nice to get a mix of flavors and textures from the different elements in each apple. If you’re a purist, let the apples speak for themselves with a touch of spices like cinnamon and clove in the pie, but there are many options for the more adventurous baker. You can make a caramel apple pie, apple pie with pecans, or turn it into more of a torte with a Bavarian cream filling.

Apple pie a la mode is a dish served with ice cream, but whipped cream is also a popular accompaniment to the pie. No matter how you serve it, warm apple pie is a delectable treat. While it is technically a dessert, don’t feel guilty for having a leftover slice at lunch – or even for breakfast. You have to get your serving of fruit in somehow, right?

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