Tool Spotlight: Tea Kettle

Some kitchen tools are just as much decorative as they are functional. With limited cabinet space, attractive appliances are sometimes necessary to keep your kitchen space looking clean and put-together. One item that you can find in most every kitchen is a tea kettle. Whether you enjoy a daily cup of tea or only have a cup when you’re feeling under the weather, a tea kettle makes a welcome addition to any stove top.

While not all kettles are created equal, sometimes form comes before function. If you are looking to just use your kettle for boiling water, go ahead and make it a statement piece. Your kitchen will look polished with small little accents like that gorgeous tea kettle. Stainless steel kettles are a nice compliment if you have stainless steel appliances. The stainless steel base is the most common type of material used in kettles because it is lightweight and durable but these kettles can also be made from copper, iron, chrome or ceramic.

There are many kettles for many different uses. Some kettles have a built-in tea strainer for those that drink a lot of tea. Brewing tea in the kettle will make larger batches so you don’t have to keep throwing away tea bags. If you plan on using a kettle to serve tea from, be sure to also use a counter protector like a pot holder or a silicone counter pad. There are also electric kettles that come with a stand that heats the pot and automatically shuts off after it reaches a boil.

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