Regional Spotlight: Idaho

When people think of Idaho, they often conjure up images of flat, grassy lands that lack any excitement. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. This northwestern state is beautiful and mountainous with breathtaking natural sites and a thriving arts and culture scene. The diverse topography offers the lush forests of the northwest with the amazing geological formations that you would expect to see in the Southwest. If you plan on packing your bags to take advantage of this unexpected gem, don’t forget to take in the fresh flavors the region has to offer as well.

Idaho has more than just potatoes. While the golden spuds have called the state home for decades. The favorable climate, mountain-fed irrigation and rich volcanic soil, make Idaho the perfect place for potatoes to grow. Idaho cuisine may be humble like the potato, but its flavors reach much further. While the potato concoctions, like chocolate covered potatoes and gourmet mashed potatoes may be delicious – there is much more to the region than the hearty tuber. With rich soil, Idaho is ripe with fresh fruits and vegetables and farm fresh meats and dairy products as well and the area is known for its wonderful mushrooms, lamb and fresh huckleberries.

Huckleberries can be found in everything from syrups to jam. It isn’t hard to find these sweet and tangy berries featured in a dish at your favorite Idaho restaurant. With wild game and foraging, a point of pride in these parts, the dark berries are just another addition to the natural flavors of the state. These berries look like blueberries, with a similar flavor as well. Idaho also has a favorable climate for wine – and what dinner can’t be upgraded with an elegant glass of wine?

The simple and rustic cuisine of the region mirrors the state’s landscape. Whether you came to the state for the amazing trails or the thrilling white water rafting, be sure to take some time to nourish your busy body. You can’t go wrong with trying any number of the fresh, down-to-earth foods.

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