World Of Chocolate: Customize Your Chocolate Bars

a_world_of_chocolate Variety is abundant in the chocolate section of a candy store. But being able to customize your own chocolate bar is both fun and beneficial. Your homemade chocolate bars won’t contain the unpronounceable mystery ingredients used to retain the shelf life of your average store-bought candy bar, and you can play with exciting flavors like coffee beans and chilies. This creamy, melt-in-your-mouth confection has been savored for many centuries.

Making candy is an entirely different process than cooking. While some of the elements will be familiar, you’ll have many other things to consider while making those sweet confections in your online short courses – and limiting your taste-testing is only one. If you’ve never worked with this smooth, rich, treat then you may want to start small.

You don’t want your chocolate to seize – which turns into a clumpy mess that is impossible to work with after it comes into contact with water – or burn. It is difficult to save chocolate from a mistake, so make small batches when you begin so you won’t feel like you’ve wasted a lot if your first attempt takes a turn for the worse.

You can make your own chocolate treats by adding in nuts, dried fruit or spices for an interesting addition to a chocolate bar. You can either mix additions to molten chocolate or sprinkle extras on top of the bar as it solidifies. A peanut butter cup is another favorite that is fun to make and loved by many. Paint the inside of paper candy cups with melted chocolate and allow to chill. Once the cups solidify, pipe in a peanut butter filling and fill the rest of the cup with chocolate to cover the filling. Set the chocolate in the freezer, then return to room temperature after the chocolate has set.

Chocolate can be difficult to work with. Going from a molten liquid to a beautiful solid takes the assistance of a mold and a lot of patience. Some chocolates will need to be tempered as well, which means the smooth chocolate will need to be heated then cooled, and heated again. But if you are ready to take on the task, a sweet reward awaits at the end of the process. Whether you plan on making little treats with chocolate details or chocolate candies with fresh mint leaves, remember to treat the chocolate with care and your taste buds will thank you.

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